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The Maggard Migrant Ministry
A Remarkable Story - A man whose commitment over the decades has truly made a difference.

Arvin Maggard and his late wife, Helen, joined Plymouth in 1953 and have been involved with migrant workers and their children for over half a century. In the 1960’s Arvin and Helen introduced the idea of holding an annual migrant children’s Christmas Party to Plymouth's Triune Group. The Christmas Party was a big success and from then on the bond between the Maggards, migrant children and Plymouth was sealed. Believe it or not, the migrant Christmas program evolved into not just one – but two – college scholarship programs!

The first program, the Arvin & Helen Maggard Migrant Scholarship, was launched with a $13,000 endowment purchased from the Miami-Dade College Foundation in 1984.  The endowment has grown to almost $200,000 and provides two scholarships to Miami-Dade College each year.  Arvin defines the criteria for its scholarship recipients and the college selects them.

In 1982, the church group began awarding scholarships to children of migrant workers.  In 2000, Arvin formalized the program with the founding of the Maggard Migrant Ministries (MMM), Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.  Its scholarships can be used at any state-supported college in Miami-Dade County including Miami-Dade College, FIU, George T. Baker Aviation, and Robert Morgan Technical.  For this program, Arvin both writes criteria and selects recipients.  It relies entirely on donations for support and has given out over of $355,000 in scholarships.

While continuing to be involved in both programs, Arvin is now transitioning management of MMM to two dedicated board members. He is a man whose commitment over the decades has truly made a difference.

By Connie Scheel, Editor East Ridge Villager

Last Published: March 4, 2019 9:49 AM
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