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Generations of Generosity : Plymouth's 2020 Christian Commitment Campaign

Dear Members of the Plymouth Family,

In a day-to-day world that so often feels fractured and broken, it is truly a blessing that we have a place of peace, our beloved Plymouth, as an integral part of our lives.

The sanctuary we find in our campus, the inspiring music program, the varieties of fellowship opportunities, our engagement with the community, and of course, the delivery of Jesus’ message each Sunday, are all elements that have helped Plymouth sustain its one hundred year momentum and will propel us into the future.

We are honored to be the co-chairs of the 2020 Christian Commitment Campaign. With our combined 80 years of active involvement in the church, we embrace all that Plymouth does for and through its people, be it charitable outreach, lovely and meaningful worship, or our deep sense of community that we offer to anyone who walks in the door. But we also know the significant impact and the importance
Plymouth has had in our own personal lives.

We urge you to look into your hearts and consider pledging if you have never done so before, or increasing your pledge if at all possible. Pledging enables our Board of Trustees to establish a balanced budget, which is key to the careful stewardship of this incredible church. Unfortunately, the cost of running Plymouth inevitably increases from year to year because of our beautiful but aging 11 acre campus, rising FPL, insurance and technology costs, and so many other line items. We are committed to sustaining and increasing the charitable efforts from the Board of Outreach and Mission, the This ’N That Shop, and the Emergency Response Fund, etc., as well as deepening our fellowship opportunities. Plus, we will be adding two new members to the team to help make this happen, Zach Dunn as executive administrator for the church, and a new church-life leadership and youth pastor, starting at some point in 2020. In short, under Pastor Al’s we want to both preserve AND grow.

Please take a moment and reflect on what Plymouth means to you. We have been so blessed over the years by the generosity of those Plymouth members who have come before us. Now, it is our turn to ensure the future of the church. It has taken Generations of Generosity to develop this place of peace, and we sincerely encourage you to be generous when you complete your pledge card.

Faithfully yours,
Beth Pryor Johnson, Co-Chair and J.B. deRosset, Co-Chair


Last Published: October 31, 2019 3:48 PM
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