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Footprints Foundation


As a ministry of BOOM, Plymouth members and volunteers work to support the mission of the Footprints Foundation.  

The Footprints Foundation was founded and is now operated by Plymouth member, Lorna Owens. Its mission is to reduce mortality rates of mothers and infants. Currently much of its work is done in Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa, Jamaica, Somaliland and the USA.

Much of the Foundation’s efforts go towards training skilled midwives and traditional birth attendants in the essentials of maternal and newborn care and by providing access to emergency obstetric care. 

Also, the Foundation saves women and children's lives by providing surgery for rape survivors and setting up training programs to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Throughout the year, BOOM:

  • Builds awareness of the Footprint Foundation’s work  
  • Organizes Clean Birthing Kit Assembly Events
  • Sponsors Plymouth members and Friends of Plymouth who participate in the events to assemble birthing kits.

The kits are shipped to the Congo, Jamaica and Somaliland where they are distributed to midwives and pregnant women who often have no access to clean spaces or equipment at time of birthing.

Plymouth’s ministry is designed to help our members support the mission of the Footprint’s Foundation; in turn, supporting women and children of the world.

Our Birthing Kit Assembly Events take place throughout the year. Our next event will be held on Saturday, November 11, 2017 in Davis Hall. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Chair of BOOM or the Church Office at 305-444-6521.

Last Published: August 16, 2017 1:54 PM