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Annual Giving

"Generations of Generosity"

Together we show our love for the place we call our spiritual home; a place of belonging and growing, where we seek to find God in Jesus Christ and in each other. Together, we ensure that Plymouth thrives in the coming years.

One of the ways we do this is through the Christian Commitment Campaign, which begins each October. This year our theme is "Generations of Generosity" and our mission is for all members to pledge their financial support to Plymouth’s operating budget for the coming year. 

Please help continue the "Generations of Generosity".

Plymouth Foundation

We can serve as lifetime guardians of Plymouth church. When individuals create endowment gifts to Plymouth Foundation they create gifts that acknowledge to present and future generations that we are entrusted by God to use wisely what God has placed in our hands.

Plymouth Foundation is a 501- C3 corporation, a separate entity from Plymouth Church. Members of Plymouth Church serve on the Foundation Board and the Board is responsible for overseeing the operations and investments of Plymouth Foundation.

Gifts to the Foundation are invested and a percentage of the income earned on the gifts is contributed to Plymouth Church's annual operating budget. The endowment today stands at $5.5 million and our goal is to grow it to $7.5 million by 2020.

Plymouth Foundation offers us each a wonderful opportunity to provide the means for Plymouth to have a strong and empowering ministry for generations to come.

You can give to Plymouth Foundation through:

  • Direct contributions
  • Memorial Gifts
  • Gifts commemorating joyous occasions or events (wedding, birthday, anniversary)
  • Bequests – Please contact Sr. Pastor, Al Bunis
  • By Check – Please contact Church Office 305-444-6521
  • Online Giving
Last Published: June 29, 2020 9:48 PM