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Emergency Response Fund (ERF)

The Emergency Response Fund was formed to provide assistance to geographic areas, especially in our region, experiencing extreme need often related to a crisis of nature such as in the aftermath of large storms.

Frequently, when a natural disaster strikes we are faced with short term immediate needs followed by a stretch of long term needs. As a result the scope of our involvement may vary in each crises. An example of extensive need is the case of Hurricane Dorian. Initially, Plymouth members supported the ERF’s efforts by personally donating supplies and volunteering at packing sites where supplies were packed for shipment to the Bahamas and Abacos Islands.  While we await requests for “Dorian” longer term support, members have donated money to the ERF which allowed us to:

  • Respond quickly to help meet immediate needs of the staff and congregation of New Vision Ministries in Marsh Harbour, Abacos, as most were unable to get back home.
  • Allocate funds to purchase containers to help our West Grove partner churches ship supplies to Grand Bahama Island for distribution through other partner churches.
  • Make other smaller gifts to help pastors at various Bahamas churches with their needs, so they can continue their ministries.

Of note, our missional relationships have come about via Plymouth members who were personally involved. They include:

Backpacks for Haitian Schools in partnership with Notre Dame d’Haiti

Catholic Medical Missionary Board

Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team (Panama City Mission Trip)

St. Matthew’s Church (Panama City Mission Trip)

New Vison Ministries and related churches (Marsh Harbor)

New Providence Community Church (Nassau)

Peoples Church (Spanish Wells)

West Grove Church Initiative (Bahamas)

Christ Episcopal Church

Great St. Paul AME

Third Wave Volunteers, Inc.

Continued donations to the Emergency Response Fund allow us to remain agile in responding to both short-term and longer-term needs in time as they emerge in the Bahamas and elsewhere as future emergencies arise.

You may donate ONLINE or by check, payable to Plymouth Congregational Church and designated for the Emergency Response Fund.

Last Published: July 28, 2020 3:12 PM