Meeting Venues

Plymouth Church has four meeting spaces that are available for use by external organizations: Davis Hall, Pilgrim House, Plymouth Lower Hall and the Choir Room. These spaces range in capacity from 40 to 200 people and can be used for meetings, lectures, receptions, conferences, and other functions. In addition, weddings and baptisms at Plymouth Church are held in its historic sanctuary, which can hold about 550 people. Our location in Miami’s Coconut Grove provides convenient access to numerous hotels and restaurants. Fees that are charged support the church’s mission and operating budget.

Among the organizations that meet regularly at the church are Alcoholics Anonymous, Boy Scouts and the Columbia Relief Organization. Plymouth also occasionally hosts film crews shooting in Miami.

For photos of our meeting rooms, scroll down. If you are interested in having your organization or event hosted at Plymouth Church, please contact Cindy Smith for more details at (305) 773-6210. If you are interested in considering Plymouth for your wedding, please contact our wedding coordinator, Geri Berounsky, at 305-444-6521, ext. 228. Geri is available by appointment Monday through Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. For information about baptisms, please speak with Josh Stanbery in the church office at 305-444-6521 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday and between 8 a.m. and 12 noon on Fridays.

The Church Sanctuary

Capacity: 550 people seated in pews
Uses: worship (includes weddings, baptisms & funerals), musical performances, lectures
Description: Plymouth Church's sanctuary is on the National Register of Historic Places. Its coral rock walls, wood beams, renovated pipe organ, and updated sound system all add to its beauty and functionality for worship, musical performances, and other gatherings. The sanctuary and chapel are virtually never available for hire by outside groups, except for weddings.



Davis Hall

Capacity: 200 people seated in folding chairs; facility includes a catering kitchen and restrooms
Uses: performances, lectures, meetings

Davis Hall


Pilgrim House

Capacity: 50 people; a variety of seating; restroom
Uses: small meetings and presentations

Pilgrim House interior


Lower Plymouth Hall

Capacity: 50 people; catering prep kitchen; restrooms
Uses: small gatherings, receptions

Plymouth Lower Hall


Choir Room

Capacity: 40 people; chairs are on risers; restrooms nearby
Uses: small meetings or lectures

music room